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Private Cloud UCaaS Platform

fonoUC Unified Communications Service Platform, is a scalable, managed, turnkey solution for carries and service providers, designed to provide multi-tenant business communications, next generation office PBX, including voice, video messaging and presence to Enterprises, SMB and Residential markets.

fonoUC platform is feature rich, scalable and redundant. The platform can scale horizontally and vertically from few hundred to millions of end-points across geographical regions.  It can be deployed on bare-metal, virtual machines or public cloud such as ASW, Azure or Google Cloud.

fonoUC is designed as a white-label, highly flexible solution for carriers and service providers.  It can easily integrate with existing equipment, billing engines and user portal solutions.

fonoUC is managed through a unified Element Management and Monitoring and Analytics system that simplifies configuration, operation and deployment of geo hosted PBX/UC services.

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