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Unified Business Communications
Contact Center 
Customer Experience / CX
Meetings & Collaboration


Solutions for Service Providers

You are in control
We share revenue and risk with you!

No huge upfront costs

No per session costs

No per seat costs

No maintenance costs

Unmatched profit margins!

Your Network
Full Control

Host your own private cloud,  in any region, turn-key multi-tenant UCaaS/CX/Collabration platform, fully managed and monitored by your partner the fonoUC team.  

Each component of the system can be scaled across multiple servers and geographically separated data centers to achieve full high availability and redundancy

True multi-tenant built from ground up as a multi-tenant horizontally scalable system. Does not rely virtualization to achieve multi-tenancy.

Turn-Key and managed customized installation, configuration and training with integrated NOC monitoring, logging, alerting and dashboards.

Go to market in days!

Shot of Corridor in Working Data Center Full of Rack Servers and Supercomputers with High

All Services Included
Powered by latest AI Technologies

Enable a seamless customer journey by integrating Unified Communications, Collaboration, and Contact Center Solutions powered by latest AI technologies. Empower your customers to operate from anywhere, using any device, and tailor the package to your brand. Regaining control over your profit margins becomes hassle-free when you're not billed per user seat.


According to Metrigy, companies that integrate their contact center with unified communications:

  • Double their Revenue

  • 57% Improvement in Customer Experience

  • 37% Agent Efficiency Improvement

Phone Call

Unified Business Communications

Full feature cloud Business Phone System with an intuitive modern user and admin interfaces.  

Make and receive calls, text, from anywhere using your Desktop App,  Web Browser or Mobile App.
No need to purchase, install and maintain special 3rd party softphones or software.

Integrated Inbox with calls, contacts, voicemails, faxes, call recordings and more.

Deep integrations with Google and Microsoft with one click login, contacts and calendars.

Let your tenants own their own data via deep integrations with AWS, APIs and SFTP for call records and recordings.

Feature rich analytics and reports allow you to measure staff performance, review call records and access recordings.

Talking in Headset

Contact Center & CX

Contact Center: CX is a native extension of the Business Phone System.  

Staff members can be added to CX inbound and outbound queues as agents and retain the same extension on their Desktop, Web or Mobile apps, while they engage with the customers or other team members.

Measure your team performance and your customer satisfaction.  CX provides you with the tools to improve performance of your teams using statistics, analytics, call recordings and customer behavior.

Go beyond Voice!  Engage your customers using SMS, Web Chat, Email and Social such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram and others. 

CX provides a unified engagement experience with your customers across all communication mediums. 

Leverage AI to quickly auto respond to customers or improve your answers to sound more professional.


Collaboration and Meetings

 Collaboration platform take simple chat to the next level of collaboration. 

Drastically increase productivity via Teams collaboration by integrating chat, group chat, file share, voice and video meetings in one unified desktop or mobile platform.  

Rich Slack like experience all in one intuitive interface.

Elevate your chat collaboration to a Video Meeting by one click "Create Meeting".

Create and Schedule Meetings all from a unified interface.  Offer your teams and customers a rich Zoom like Meeting experience. 


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